Social Media and Influencer Marketing with Jolene Goring

In today’s episode, we are joined by Jolene Goring, Social Media and Influencer Marketer. She discusses how to become an influencer, what brands look for, and how to grow your business. She discusses how she went from a very limited social media presence to getting paid over $10,000 for a post. Tune in today to learn what makes a good influencer or what to look for when hiring an influencer! 


  • [8:48] Introducing Jolene Goring and explaining what Influencer Marketing is. 
  • [11:21] How do you connect with an influencer for your product, and what do you pay an influencer?
  • [17:10] What is the most valuable thing Jolene has learned doing business?
  • [18:56] Was there an opportunity that helped Jolene realize the intentionality in her business?
  • [24:50] Who was the first brand that Jolene worked with? And how did she find companies?
  • [28:38] How do Influencers and Brands use Podcasting to grow their business? 
  • [30:15] What makes a good influencer from a brand’s perspective? 
  • [31:52] What’s next for influencers? What’s next for Jolene? 


  • Understanding the brand and influencers’ goals are key to making the partnership work. Being intentional with what the goal is of the campaign and making sure they are both aligned. 
  • Every regular person can work hard and put the effort in and become an influencer. Focus on one platform you are comfortable with and most excited about and grow your presence there, don’t try to do every platform at once. 
  • Being an influencer can be a mixture of a product trade, affiliate marketing, or the traditional paid amount per post. There is no set formula.


As a board-certified nutritionist, wellness coach, and former corporate gal, I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you: who are ambitious, but overwhelmed and unable to live a fulfilled life.

After struggling to overcome my own feelings of guilt and all-or-nothing thinking, I put in thousands of hours of research and tens of thousands of dollars into my education and I’ve finally found a system that works!

Through my system, I’ve helped myself and others:

  • Define & create our version of a balanced lifestyle
  • Indulge without guilt
  • Enjoy the present moment
  • Discover true happiness


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